FCA US made a surprise announcement to confirm a billion-dollar investment in Michigan and Ohio, with 2,000 new jobs being added.  For those keeping count, that’s $9.6 billion invested in US manufacturing and 25,000 jobs added since 2009.

The billion dollars is (as predicted numerous times by Allpar and others) to retool and modernize the Warren Truck Assembly Plant (Michigan) to make the  Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer , and to make a new Jeep pickup at Toledo (Ohio) South .

The plants are expected to be opened by 2020, and will allow Warren to make Ram heavy duty trucks,  currently produced in Mexico. It will also increase pickup production capacity overall.

Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer of FCA, wrote that the moves “expand our capacity in these key segments, enabling us to meet growing demand here in the U.S., but [italics from Allpar] more importantly, to increase exports of our mid-size and larger vehicles to international markets....we will finally have the capacity to successfully penetrate markets other than the U.S. which have historically been denied product due to capacity constraints.”

FCA said its actions are subject to the negotiation and final approval of incentives by state and local entities.