Allpar’s sources have again confirmed that a straight-six is in the company’s future, but perhaps it’s just a little further off than we thought.

The latest word is that the straight-six is going to Trenton and, likely, Dundee, with one high-volume line and one low-volume line. Chances are any official announcements will be waiting for union negotiations, but Mack Avenue seems to be out of the picture (since it’s likely to become the site of an assembly plant instead).

We don’t have much news since our last report in 2018 ; the engine is to be turbocharged, as a replacement for (or upgrade to) the 5.7 Hemi. Smooth, light, and compact, it is likely bound for the next-generation Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer, Ram, Charger, and Challenger.

The displacement is to be just under 3 liters, with power boosted by twin turbos or by a twin-scroll turbo.  The code name might be Tornado, or perhaps that’s wishful thinking; in any case, the “Hurricane” is officially the “2.0 liter four cylinder,” so the GME-T6, even if nicknamed “Tornado,”  will probably be officially called the “3.0 liter six cylinder.”

As with the GME four-cylinders, it seems likely that a radically different version will end up under the hoods of Alfa Romeos and Maseratis, with Ferrari-designed heads, modified blocks, and numerous other changes.

As for the original Tornado Six: the first mass-produced overhead-cam engine in America, it was about as powerful than the slant six, but with a much tougher name and, thanks to a Hemi-like combustion chamber, greater efficiency. It also used closed crankcase ventilation to help lengthen the time between oil changes to 6,000 miles.