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I have a 1962 Imperial Custom which I want to wake up. It needs the brake hard lines replaced and new flex hoses. The hoses are easy enough to find, but the hard lines not so much. Classic Tubes has a kit for a 1960 Imperial which would work for most of the lines including for the master cylinder, the front dual-wheel cylinder joining line and the front cross member lines and the hard line that runs along the frame rail. Then there is the one for the rear axle. I think most of the hard lines in the kit will work for the 1962 Imperial, which still has the total-contact brake system. The 1963 models changed and have a Bendix rear brake drum system with the auto-adjust system. The 1962 model still is the older system.

The car is a baby blue in color and is pretty much original. It was involved in an accident long ago which involved at least the driver's door. When I was replacing the carpet years ago I found lots of glass under the OEM carpet. The car is going to eventually need repainting. I am leaning toward going with either a dark blue metallic or teal metallic paint instead of the original baby blue. There is some minor body damage around the chrome piece under the bucket headlights and on the right rear quarter panel - nothing major.

The car still has its original 413 engine with Carter 4-bbl carburetor. It has not been started in years, but is stored inside our barn. It may need some ATF put in the cylinders and turn over by hand to lubricate the cylinder walls. It still has relatively clean oil in the crankcase.

The fuel tank needs to be checked. I replaced the tank fuel level float & pickup tube assembly years ago with the last new unit that was on a dealer's shelf in Washington state. I need to remove the tank and clean the inside and the fuel line all the way to the fuel pump. There's no telling what condition the tank and lines are in after sitting for years. A new fuel filter will be needed too. The filter currently on the car is the type made with clear plastic so you can look into it and see any debris.

Its going to be a slow process. I am now in my upper 70s and not very agile any more. My youngest son may have to do most of the work.

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