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chicken said:
it depends on what year and what number it is out of the 500 made and how many miles it has. The lower the number the more expensive it is
EX: number 300 of 500 with 30k miles in good condition would be worth about 7k but a 100 out of 500 with the same amount of miles in the same condition would be worth 10k
The "500" were the 1986 GLHS editions, and they will have Carroll Shelby's signature on the dashboard above the glove box where the "omni" logo usually sits. However, all of the GLHS cars were black. You could always run a carfax using the VIN, since that's visible through the windshield, and get a model year for it. Sounds like you're looking at a GLH-T instead, which is a factory turbo package but still potent - seem to be a number of them out on the drag circuit from time to time).

130K makes more sense for mileage, since the odometers used on L-cars rolled over at 100K. I know when I got my base model the brake pedal was quite worn at 108K (8K shown)

If you do carfax it, you can then get onto something like the Kelly Blue Book site and get a rough idea of value, based on mileage and estimated condition.

If the previous owner bought it off the impound lot, does he have the keys (both the angular one for ignition/doors and the round one for the hatch/glove box)? Don't think they ever changed the L-cars over to single-key, but I also don't think the GLH models went much past 87 anyway.
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