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Wanted: Two-Door Plymouth Sundance/ Dodge Shadow

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a two-door Plymouth Sundance or Dodge Shadow shell/parts car somewhere near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I'm hoping to do an engine swap from my '94 Plymouth Sundance four-door. I've been checking around at all the local salvage yards, and they tell me they were all crushed ages ago :(

Anyway, if anyone has any leads, I'd be very thankful. I've seen a few on Kijiji in Quebec, but I'm hoping I won't need to travel that far.

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Which engine? The engines (2.5L & 3.0L) used in the P-bodies was used across a number of different models over a long span of years. Not sure about Canada, but here in the US, many boneyards can do a nationwide search. Unfortunately, the used auto yards tend to scrap vehicles 15 years or older (only keep newer models for parts inventory) so even here engine/transmission/body parts are getting hard to find for mid-90's and older vehicles. Sometimes you can luck into a yard that has the older stuff, but not often.

Is it possible to rebuild the current engine? May be your only choice.

There is a dark green '91 Sundance coupe with a 2.5 near me in Windham, Maine. It has less than 80,000 miles and is for sale for $400. The body has a weird rustspot below the passenger door but otherwise it ok beside the natural reaction of sitting through a few winters. The owner got the engine running when he got it but due to the shocks and struts being worn out he didn't see it worth the trouble and just let it sit. I was considering buying it for a doner body for my New Yorker's 3.8, I imagine a sundance coupe would be a little monster with 200+ foot pounds tourqe.
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