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wanting power brakes

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Hope you can help,

i have a 1974 dodge B100 SWB it currently has just a master cylinder and i would like to change it to power brakes.

i have found power boosters on several parts sites, but apparently i will need the 90 degree power booster bracket system.

i have been unable to locate one. i would like to know if anyone has an extra bracket system thatthey would sell or send the deminsions and parts list to make one

or if their is a compatable braking system that will fit under the hood.

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Welcome to the forum. From the parts checking, this should be available from 1973-1978, on the B100 and B200 vans and should be a salvage yard easy to find item. I would ensure, or at least verify the pedal swing and attachments other than the 90 degree bracket, possibly something else you may need. Six years of the same setup should help you locate one without difficulty.
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