The Dodge Hellcat cars are frequently accused of being nothing more than straight-line performers, built to flex their muscles on the drag strip and nowhere else. These videos prove otherwise, with a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat laying down an impressive performance on The Green Hell with some very impressive competition.

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in the videos here is owned by Paul Lobre. Paul is a retired member of the military living in Germany with his supercharged Mopar sedan, allowing him to make the occasional trip to the most infamous road course in the world. The Nurburgring Nordschleife is the ultimate testing grounds for the road handling abilities of a car and many automakers take their sports cars to Germany to see how quickly they can get around the 12+ mile track. Lobre took his Charger – one of the world’s fastest, quickest and most powerful sedans – to the Nurburgring with a friend of his to see how well the 4,500-pound sedan could get around this legendary track.

That friend is Jonathan Williams, a member of the US Armed Forces, an experienced racer and former racing instructor. Williams has spent time participating in various forms of road racing and rally racing, so he knows how to handle a car in tight quarters, as is on display in these videos. Williams has taken to The Green Hell in a handful of vehicles, including a built WRX STI and a new Corvette Z06, but in these vehicles, he is driving the Hellcat Charger and doing an impressive job of it.

Below, you will find three videos of Williams piloting Lobre’s Hellcat Charger around the Nurburgring. This is with traffic and, in some cases, caution zones, so we don’t have a lap time, but this isn’t about the car setting records. These aren’t record runs, these videos show a Hellcat Charger being driven hard on an open track day, but take note of the cars that it is competing with on this intricate road course. In the first video, it is eating up a newer Mustang GT so badly that the Ford driver waves them past and we never see the Mustang again.

In the second video, the big Charger plays with a Focus RS, regarded as one of the best road handling cars sold in the USA and in the final video, the Hellcat wrestles with some high end German cars, including a Porsche 911. Unsurprisingly, the 911 eventually pulls away, but the Charger with an experienced driver shows that the Hellcat sedan is most certainly not just a drag car.

Keep in mind that the best laps around the Nurburgring take around 7 minutes, so these are three lengthy videos, but if you enjoy watching a wicked Mopar super-sedan in near-stock form tearing around the Nurburgring, grab a snack and a drink, kick back and enjoy.

I am sure that some of you are wondering what modifications have been made for this Charger to do so well at the Nurburgring. Well, it isnt stock, but it is close to it. This Hellcat is still riding on Pirelli PZero tires, but with the stock 275s up front, Lobre is running 295s out back. He also has swapped to a PowerStop brake pad along with adding a carbon fiber rear diffuser and a larger rear spoiler.

In other words, some aero upgrades and a slightly better rear tire are the only performance improvements made to this Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.