Longtime Allpar member Mike Spurbeck sent along some photography from his niece, Keli Swanner, showing what appears to be a pair of Ramchargers running down the highway near Death Valley National Park.


We can see that there’s probably a camera or sensor in the center of the grille, suggesting a test of some automation or safety equipment.

Does this mean that there will be an annoyingly-named Ram Ramcharger, or a mildly confusing Ram Charger or Dodge Ramcharger ? They could share with the planned Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer , to let the Wagoneer be even more of a premium vehicle than the original, without worrying that it would sell in the same distressing low volumes.  The answer is probably “no,” since the Grand Wagoneer is already set up to be the high-class, exclusive version.

Sadly, this is almost certainly a 2021 Suburban, Sierra, or such. Ram itself has largely moved away from the crosshairs,  so it’s unlikely that the Ramcharger would have them, especially in such a pronounced fashion.

GM has already played camouflage games with its vehicles under testing, and the mirrors and body give this away as a next-generation GMC/Chevy SUV ( hopefully nicer than this rendering of the 2021 Suburban ). We have to admit, it’s the kind of thing some of us would do for a laugh.

In any case, here’s the video—and our compliments to Keli’s steady hand and presence of mind, and thanks to both Keli and Mike for bringing it to us.