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well, got my first taste of the Redesigned JS cars

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I've been out in California for the past month, and the Rental car we had from Enterprise at first was a 6 month old Chrysler 200 LX with 12K on the clock. now I've never ridden in a 07-10 sebring, but I've heard through the grapevine on how bad they were, but the 200 is not like the old sebring. the ride was quiet, the Interior was very nice (i didn't know the that the Center console is LIGHTED now!) and even though it had the carryover Gutless Wonder known as the GEMA 2.4L and 40TES 4 speed, it felt nice and peppy!

Now last wednesday, we go to extend the Rental Agreement by a few days because we leave tomorrow morning, and we did not want to not have any wheels for the last couple of days, and they tell us that the 200 is due for an oil change; they go ahead and stick us in a 7 month old Dodge Avenger (with the same Powertrain as the 200) with 15K on the clock. now Last Night, I got to DRIVE the Avenger to where we are staying, and i can say from the Experience of driving my BIL's '08 Avenger (which was Grade A GARBAGE) I can say with Confidence that the 11+ cars are MUCH IMPROVED over the 07-10 models!
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They are absolutely better cars now. The attention given to them has turned build quality details and perceptions in a very positive way.
It's still a JS, but now a highly refined JS.
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