2019 Jeep Wagoneer

Here is our rumor roundup on what we can expect for the US and Canada:
  • Powertrain: More stop-start systems and hybrid options. Turbocharged 2-liter “Hurricane” engines. Brand new four-cylinder engines. More use of the upgraded Pentastar , with direct injection on its way. Maybe a new V8 and/or no V8. More diesels seem unlikely outside trucks. Possibly another electric car for California and marketing purposes.
  • Dodge: AWD Challenger, short-term. New compact, mid-sized, and perhaps large cars based on the shared-with-Alfa-Romeo core. RWD crossover replacing Journey, perhaps keeping the name. Minivan to be dropped in 2017. Durango seems likely to hang on as long as there’s factory space and demand; one bad year and it’s probably gone.
Chrysler 100 - Fiat Aegean
  • Chrysler: Mid-size and large crossovers, one based on the minivan, one undetermined; eventually, a replacement for the 200, designed and made by a partner. The new 300 may be based on the minivan platform (FWD), or on the new RWD core, or on the Ghibli. AWD Pacifica. Possible Chrysler 100 based on the Fiat Tipo to try to cheaply grab the compact-car market which Dart is largely missing.
  • Jeep: RWD Cherokee-like SUV now thought to be called Wagoneer with an upscale, seven-passenger Grand Wagoneer above it.  New Wrangler, conventional design with a possible (probably four-cylinder) diesel option.  With the Power Wagon suspension, there’s also a possibility, remote, of a Ram-based Jeep.
  • Ram: Continued upgrades of existing product. Prepare for surprises, though — we don’t know of any, but the Ram folks are working hard to break Ford’s lock on the market.
  • Fiat: Tipo imported under the Fiat brand seems unlikely. 500L may not survive the next redesign.