Yesterday, intrepid Allpar members discovered that FCA Canada had actually posted the 2018 Jeep Wrangler “JL” user’s guide on-line , with no password or security of any kind.

That’s now made its way across the Internet, showing some of the new features of the iconic off-road vehicle — which is very popular in cities and suburbs as well.

2018 Wrangler JL

Buyers can now get paddle shifters (a useful feature for off-roading), a keyless entry with a pushbutton start, a power sliding top, and safety/convenience features such as blind spot monitors, rear cross path, and parking sensors.  The full time four wheel drive system will use a five-position transfer case.

The power sliding top, with removable rear quarter windows, was explained on page 147; the new cargo rail organizer, on page 155; and the ability to program auxiliary switches — a big deal on what may be the most commonly customized vehicle sold — is on page 170.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL spy shot

On the electronics side, just as powerful Dodges have special pages on their 8.4 inch screens for performance settings and readouts, Wrangler buyers can see off-road pages that show pitch and roll, graphically and numerically, along with the latitude, longitude, altitude, and four wheel drive status; or the steering angle, sway bar and axle status, and other details.

Moving with the times, Jeep also provides Type C USB ports, rather than the older kind installed on most cars.  The UConnect 4 system goes up to a seven-inch screen; and the optional instrument cluster appears to have a seven-inch customizable center screen (the base cluster has a large, but more traditional, trip computer in the center).

The company all but confirmed the Hurricane 2-liter turbo four, by including photos of it in the manual — which was posted on Saturday night in the Allpar forums, by reader UN4GTBL.   The four-cylinder can run on regular gas, but, not surprisingly, prefers 91 octane. Both engines can handle up to 15% ethanol, just in case Congress goes back to pushing it.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

Actually, there are two Hurricane options — one with a belt-starter-generator unit, and one without. The BSG is used for efficient stop-starts (the engine shuts off when not needed, e.g. at a traffic light, and immediately restarts when needed).

Automatic stop/start systems are now available on some models, with manual transmissions. The system automatically restarts the engine when the driver pushes down the clutch, and can be disabled for off-road driving.

Towing weights range up to 3,500 pounds (four-door; the two-door is 2,000 pounds).  The gross combined weight rating is 8,016 pounds for the two-door, 8,117 for the four-door.

If all that isn’t enough — there’s a new key fob.

Automotive News is now hosting the PDF User’s Guide.