How much do you think a Dodge Challenger Demon will sell for?

One dealer thinks you’ll pay more for a car than you would for a house in Auburn Hills, Michigan (where the Demon was engineered).

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

One Richmond, BC dealership is asking C$269,000 for their two Dodge Demons (a total of just 300 are being sold in Canada). That’s the equivalent of $207,856 — more than double the list price of the admittedly rare-and-likely-to-get-rarer cars. The Demon starts at US$86,093, including three seats and the crate; with every single option, it tops out at US$97,273.

The list price of the Canadian Demon is C$109,995, or roughly US$84,706.

269,000 CAD seems like a devilish price. Maybe the people who said naming a car “Demon” would inspire some naughtiness had a point after all?

The Dodge Challenger Demon was designed as a drag racing car, and has many unique technologies to boost its quarter mile times — and to make them more consistent. Racing the car does not void the warranty. To confirm the markup at the Richmond CDJR dealership, we went to their web site, clicked on the contact button, and asked whether they would get a Demon. A rep quickly replied with the allocation and pricing.