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What do you do with your Door Dings?

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Got 2 very small and not very deep door dings on the right rear door. Auto is a 2009 Altima but this should be the same for any car. Both dings are on the very flat surface.

What do you people do to fix yours? I noticed they sell a small slide hammer where you glue the little plastic piece that fits over the ding and they pull it out that way. This method would seem to work for my dings because they are so shallow.

This is the type of things I would like to tinker around with and fix myself. But on the other hand I want the job done right so is it best just to take it to a shop that does paintless dent repair? Have looked at YouTube videos and the PDR work that is done is quite impressive. Also over the years where a dealership had hail damage vehicles you would see these places pop up that fix hail damaged cars.

Have heard that one fix is to use heat and dry ice to level out small dents. Any truth to this method. So how do you people fix your door dings? Many thanks!
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chuzz said:
Doesn't matter where you park, there's always somebody that will park next to you and ding it and then drive off.
Tell me about it. I can park my Ram out in the middle of nowhere in a parking lot and invariably someone will park right next to it. Like my Ram needs company........ Really? Are you kidding? :ph34r:

That said, the dings I do have were caused by my own family in my driveway........ :frusty:
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