FCA has trademarked the term “HDDT” for vehicle interiors, exteriors, and nameplates. The purpose of the name is a mystery so far, but we can look at what might be coming up:
  • HDDT
    Direct injection engines
  • More transmissions, including automated manuals (Heavy Duty Diesel Transmission? Heavy Duty Dual-clutch Transmission?) — considering that the former Chrysler was working on an automated manual transmission for heavy duty trucks when Fiat took over
  • Acronyms for trim levels (e.g., Duty Duallie Truck, Heavy Dang Duty Truck, or Heavy Duty Diesel Truck)
  • Possible new features (High Density Dual Tailgate)

Some companies have been working on extremely high-compression engines that use gasoline with diesel principles, but we can’t make the letters fit.

Do you have any ideas? Let us know.