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I use Mobil 1 EP 10W30 with the Lucas full synthetic additive, I also use a Trasko filter. I never have problems with it, no smoke, no anything (except for the 3.3 rattle). I get 10K miles out of an oil change, oil is cleaner with the Trasko filter after 10K than 3K with regular filter (even the Mobil1 or K&N).

My oil pressure always reads well over half... hot or cold, cruise or idle, doesn't matter. I don't know the pressure in PSI, but it's at least 30% higher than other cars like mine running ordinary stuff (they all end up switching to what I use).

Many people seem to think that synthetic oil will make leaks worse, or even cause them... whatever. It may temporarily leak out of a dirty seal, but it will stop when it gets cleaned out. I've put this stuff in dozens of engines, all conditions, no leaks ever (a leaking main seal decided to stop leaking too).

I use Mobil 1 full synthetic (15K mile) with a 10K "Trasko oil refinery" (flashy name for a good filter). Syntec is good oil, I don't use it because it doesn't have as much endurance as the Mobil 1. If you use regular filters, and want to save a dollar fifty a quart, go ahead and use Syntec. They have more weights to choose from.
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