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Since I'm the new owner of an 88 Dodge Aries 2.2L with ~30k (less than 30k when I got it) I've been experimenting.

First OCI I just went with the "tried and true" PYB (Pennzoil yellow bottle hehe) 5-30 and a pint (half quart) of Marvel Mystery Oil suggested by a local friend and backyard mechanic, since the vehicle has been sitting for so long, etc.... I do not have the original owner's manual for the vehicle.....but the Chilton and Hayne's manuals I've referenced note that 5-30 10-30 and even SAE30! will work no problems in the vehicle.

More astonishing, was the fact that Chilton's referenced a 12 month/9000 mile OCI for the "K Cars" (ya know how their manuals are, they're extremely general and broad/wide spread)..

I'd be interested to know if anyone had the original owner's manual for the 88 Dodge Aries....I've looked online and all I can find is the "sales brochures" for download, which market the seating demensions, wheel dimensions and other statistics...

After a couple runs of conventional motor oil, I intend to switch to a synthetic, most likely 5W-30 Royal Purple, since I got about 6 quarts of it in my garage.
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