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Over a year ago, I had to get one of the heads opened in order to replace #3 and #5 rocker arms. Well about 6 months ago, I started having the ticking noise again. I put up with it for a month or so,
I found a video on Youtube that was talking about using Marvel Mystery Oil and although I have added it oil before in small amounts, I had never used as much as a quart. Mostly, I put it in the fuel tank. This time instead of using 6 quarts of synthetic oil, I used 5 quarts and used 1 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. After about 3 days the noise stopped and has not come back for over 3 months. Every oil change I started to do the same thing. At first I was using 5w30 and the last time to 5w20 but, I think i will go back to 5w30 because the Mystery Oil is real thin. BTW it smells really good also..


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You should use nothing other than the recommended viscosity of oil.
Too thick will cause as much problem as too thin. Thick oil won't flow as fast when cold and may not protect the tighter tolerances on a modern engine as well as the recommended thinner oil.
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