2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

KGP, fresh from shooting the four-door Wrangler JL without any meaningful camouflage, managed to catch this two-door 2018 Wrangler JL as well.

This time, we have a close-up of the LED headlights, which seem to be a newer, different version of the ones on the current JK Wrangler. You can also get a closer look at the new fender-mounted sidelight/turn signal. (It seems to be far enough from the headlight so that the headlights can stay on while the signals are blinking.)

Door hinges are clear on these photos, and you can see why they were disguised before. Also, unlike the JL four-door we saw earlier, there is no old-fashioned, chrome, set-in-the-door passenger-side  lock, but there might be a passenger side lock built into the handle.  The driver’s side door also lacks the separate chrome lock — once ubiquitous on cars and now quite rare — but has a door handle which seems to include a physical lock.

You can see closeups of the hood, wipers, and windshield hinges here. The windshield has a much less steep angle than before.

The full profile shows a vehicle quite similar to today’s JK, and gives a nice view of the soft top. Chances are there will be something to cover up the underside on production vehicles.

JL wrangler spy shot

Another spy shot, this time showing the rear, including the spare wheel hinges, and the brake lights in full bloom. Reverse lights are in the middle of the square brake light/turn signal boxes. Chances are American versions will have red rear turn signal lights; export models will have amber lights.

JL frame closeup

A detail of the underside; there will probably be something covering that on production models.