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Hey Guys, do any of you know if the wheels off a 95 Concorde will fit my 99 Grand Caravan? I found a nice looking set with new tires for what I consider a decent price. I'm concerned with the bolt pattern and offset. Thanks for any help.

Hmmmmm, I'm not sure they will work. Dude just emailed me back and said they're 225/60/16 and the tires and wheels on my GC are 215/65/15. What say you guys in the know?
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They have the correct bolt pattern, but LH cars have the wrong offset for that generation minivan. It's really confusing at times because the LH cars used a wheel that looks just like the ones on the 99 Town and Country I used to own, but they don't interchange.

You'll find little or no clearance on the backside of the tire/wheel when you put an LH wheel on the van.

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Thanks Mark. I figured it was too good to be true. Looks like a trip to Pull-A-Part is looming in my future.
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