An intrepid reader, Spencer Chesman, spotted this image within a Ram TV commercial. Where have we seen it before?

Ram rendering

Oh, right — within another Ram TV commercial, back in 2003.  It’s interesting, because while Ram clearly did not adopt this exact look, some of the elements did come into play. It’s also interesting because one could see a midsize pickup, something like the next-gen Ram 1200/Fiat Fullback, using the same design elements. (The Ram 1200 name itself seems to be a bit of a joke. The Ram 1200 is a rebadged Mitsubishi L200; use a lower-case L and you get l200—which looks just like 1200.)

We know that someone at FCA is hard at work on replacing the Mitsubishi-based pickups that are important for expanding Ram and Fiat Commercial sales around the globe; and perhaps the designers or stylists are looking at earlier work on the Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota for inspiration. Or maybe not. We’ll probably find out sometime in the next one or two years.