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Where's the spare?

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Where's the spare tire on the 2014 Cherokee? Don't tell me there's none!? A tempa-a-spare? A can of sealant?
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Trailhawk includes a full-size spare, per the PDF on - WHERE it's located is another question. I'm going to guess and say inside the cargo area, under the floor.
I win! :1st:
Would not surprise me if the full-size spare was exclusive to Trailhawk - but a good dealer should be able to hook you up with a matching wheel and spare for a price.
Some places (like Illinois) - chains are illegal to use anyway.
Per the "official" specs - "full-size spare" is specifically mentioned as part of the Trailhawk model - "spare" of any kind isn't mentioned at all for the other models.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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