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Where's the spare?

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Where's the spare tire on the 2014 Cherokee? Don't tell me there's none!? A tempa-a-spare? A can of sealant?
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You DO win, Stratuscaster, but so do I---otherwise (a non-full size spare) it's a deal-breaker! I have always introduced the full-size spare into rotation---so a matching rim [unlike the steely (?) in the photo] is also a must!
Exactly right, MoparNorm. But for me, even a flat 10 miles down a rough dirt road (and a can of sealant or a tempa-a-spare) with, say, the Latitude model could screw me up! Will have to check closely on full-size-spare-with-matching-wheel availability across model/package lines.
Good point, Stratuscaster. "Extra storage" area under rear floor might then require a bit of "soyjoowy" for spare to fit (hopefully Chrysler has engineered for that and not for Three Stooges).

Interesting question also is about snow chain accomodation, becoming perhaps even rarer than a full-size spare. KK Liberty, for example, only can fit chains on 16" wheels, and even then only on the rear wheels. Might the new Cherokee not allow for chains on any model/wheel size?! Some people say you don't need chains on front wheel drive or 4-wheel drive, and some road conditions don't allow for even chain-equipped vehicles, but I like to have the option of using chains.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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