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Where's the spare?

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Where's the spare tire on the 2014 Cherokee? Don't tell me there's none!? A tempa-a-spare? A can of sealant?
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For me it seems that Sergio is blurring the lines between segments; I mean, you have the Dart, which is almost too big for Compact, but a bit smaller than Avenger; and now you have Cherokee, that is probably large for it's segment, but a bit smaller than the Liberty. I'm thinking the upcoming 200 will be a large mid-size; quite a bit larger than its predecessor but a bit smaller than 300. I'm expecting the same with the "barracuda" also being a large midsize. A paradigm shift in class definition? lol

I suppose we'll see when they get here, eh?

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I suspect that if someone drove a distance, say 100 miles, on the full-diameter, temporary spare in the non-Trailhawk models the brake activation system part of the wheel spin mitigation would disable itself. On the AWD Patriot with FD-I driving a couple of hundred miles in a strong crosswind with toolboxes on the downwind side, I've had the BAS ESC light and fishtailing car avatar come on for no apparent reason. There might have been one psi difference among the tires and all had more pressure than the threshold for the low tire warning light. The owner's manual implies the light is only serious if it doesn't go off after a while. It's vague on how long.

I have no reason to think the KL would be programmed differently. Driving hundreds of miles in strong crosswinds [I saw 70mph with gusts to 90mph in Colorado in September] with toolboxes or gravitationally-challenged passengers on the downwind side may cause the corresponding lights to illuminate and the braking part of the traction control to deactivate.

On the Trailhawk you would need to use a mode on pavement that didn't ever lock the locking differentials.
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