Chrysler now has three minivans, the Pacifica, Town & Country, and Caravan. The other real competitors, for the moment, are the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna; the Nissan Quest and Kia Sedona have not had much of an impact.

At FCA, year to date and for June 2016, the winner has been the Dodge Caravan. This is not surprising, given a combination of incentives and longevity (the Pacifica is new and the Town & Country has ceased production). Dodge has sold 71,523 Caravans in the US in 2016, including 13,473 in June alone.

Chrysler has lagged Dodge, with the Town & Country hitting 6,054 sales in June and the Pacifica hitting 7,207 (13,261 total).  Year to date, the two Chryslers hit 65,637 (55,448 T&Cs, and 10,189 Pacificas). So far, the lead remains with Dodge, and the Pacifica is unlikely to beat the Town & Country in year to date sales until winter though it already has the lead in monthly numbers.

Meanwhile, Toyota sold 11,416 Siennas for the month, 68,225 for the year; and Honda had 11,963 Odyssey sales for the month, and 64,661 for the year. Both Japanese companies ended up below either Dodge or Chrysler (a combined 13,261) for the month, and Honda was below Dodge and Chrysler for the year.