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I have a 99 Grande Voyager 360K, and with age I have been replacing parts non stop. My wife won't part with the van so I'm stuck fixing it.

I have replaced the 3.8 to a used 3.3, as a 3.8 was not available from Pick-a-Part a year ago. Since it has been starter, alternator, blower motor, window motor, etc. Last week the power steering pump formed a hairline crack in the housing, ball joints and tie-rods are done.
I bought a 99 Caravan for salvage cheap. The Caravan has a blown 3.0 but has new brakes, calipers, ball joints and tie-rods. I have already used the fuel pump as it was the same.
Question: Does the front end components swap between the two Vans?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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