In the next sixty days, according to Sergio Marchionne, FCA will decide whether to build the next Jeep Grand Cherokee on the same platform and architecture as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

Yesterday morning, he said:
The Grand Cherokee will need a new architecture, and the most natural application of a further evolution of the  Alfa platform is the Grand Cherokee ... it is the basis of what the Grand Cherokee will become... unless something happens in the next 60 days.
Insiders have already said that the immediate next-generation Grand Cherokee will be a modified version of the current model; this is a discussion of a completely new Grand Cherokee that is still at least three years out, and more likely four to five years away.

The new platform and architecture, being referred to as “the Alfa Romeo architecture,” were a product of a global effort involving people from Auburn Hills as well as Turin.  We believe the emphasis on Alfa Romeo is because of its status as an upmarket brand. Dodges and Jeeps can come from Alfa Romeo; Alfa Romeos cannot come from Dodges and Jeeps.

The plant that builds the best-selling is overloaded, but also needs to be renovated and modernized. Warren cannot take up the load, because  Warren will apparently stick with body-on-frame Wagoneers and Rams  after its own renovation.

Sergio Marchionne said: “... we’ve been choking production for international expansion out of Jefferson. We just don’t have enough. The real issue now, going forward, is how do we get enough Grand Cherokees out of Michigan as we can. We’re working our asses off on that issue. I don’t have an immediate answer. I can confirm it will stay here.”