Automotive News' Larry Vellequette claimed this morning that Ram will built both new and old pickups when the 2019s come out, citing CFO Richard Palmer in a conference call.

The company won’t be going hog-wild, though, producing 200,000 of the current pickup in 2018 and just 65,000 in 2019, in both Ram plants.  Mr. Palmer reportedly said that they also planned to build 325,000 of the next-generation pickups at Sterling Heights in 2018, rising to 400,000 in 2019. One analyst suggested that SHAP could actually build more than the 465,000 trucks apparently scheduled for 2019, if needed — one reason for moving from Warren.


The dual-production play will avoid losing fleet sales and keep dealers stocked as the company moves to new models; it will let them ramp up slowly and stop new-Ram production if there are any problems. Palmer reportedly said that Ram “struggles” to satisfy fleet demand, since retail sales are prioritized.

General Motors has kept old car models in play for exclusive fleet use, while making new ones; Chrysler has tried making two minivan generations at once, but that did not work out as well. Chrysler also continued to make Jeep Cherokees even after its replacement, the Liberty, hit the market, but stopped after just months of dual production.