Remember the Dodge Magnum?

Back when it was first starting to become clear that American buyers wanted more crossovers, DaimlerChrysler tried to lead the market by producing two wagons as sedan replacements. Neither sold particularly well; the Dodge Caliber was a disaster, but the Dodge Magnum had its share of followers.

Essentially a station wagon form of the Chrysler 300, the Magnum came well before the Charger and Challenger. It wasn’t raised further off the ground than the 300, so it wasn’t a crossover, just a wagon. That might not have helped.

If we're reading our source's hints well, the next step is a rear wheel drive (with optional AWD) Chrysler wagon, lifted a bit higher from the ground than the Magnum, but using a similar approach: taking the Charger/Challenger body, but keeping the roof going instead of dropping down to a trunk.

Just one thought as to what a 2021 300 might have looked like.

Why not keep the 300 name, you ask? Because Chrysler is going more Portal-like in styling, and the 300 name wouldn’t fit well. Or 300 buyers might have a fit, perhaps. (Disclaimer: the writer is a 2013 300C owner.)

That would make Chrysler an all-crossover-and-minivan brand, not a bad place to be — and not competing directly with Jeep, because the Chrysler cars would probably be lighter and have higher mileage, without Jeep’s weight-adding off-road capabilities. If it’s showing up at all, expect to see it in around two or three years.