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Will the next Gen Ram HD trucks have a true 2nd Row Bench Standard?

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Hey guys -

For the 5th time in my 2 year selling career I lost a sale to Ford/GM due to our Crew Cab Ram HD trucks having the "cut-away" middle seat in the second row. Here's his email, and mine:

Hey Rob,
After searching for used and not seeing anything out there, We recently just purchased a new gmc 2500hd. Went with the sle preferred plus package .

You did a good job listening to what we wanted in terms of features. We weren't a fan of how the rear middle seat in the dodge was narrow compared to the adjacent seats. It pretty much ruled out dodge for us.

Thanks for the follow-up,

Best regards,

Hey Bodin,

Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate that. You are not the first, nor the last client to mention the 2nd row middle seat, I'm hoping it is addressed in our next generation truck.

Thank you for the opportunity, contact me any time if I can help.


Anyone know if this is going to be solved moving forward?
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None in the floor nor the hidden floor storage.
Just in the fold down armrest?
Where does GMC put their rear seat cupholders?

GMC back seat:

Ford puts them in that fold down thing from the front seats IIRC
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So I found out why Ram has that bump in the middle of the crew cab - Ram actually offers the best ground clearance by having the driveshaft that high. Yes, it takes away from the interior room, but provides peace of mind knowing your driveshaft is further from obstacles.

I will say most truck buyers aren't going offroad, and the comfort side of things is more important IMO.
Well know you know the reason at least.
Bed Width Standard 1,687 (66.4)
Bed Width RamBox 1,295 (51.0)

No sir.
I think he means in between the wheels (the narrowest point)
Yup. Most people I see, they should have just bought an SUV. At least the few times they needed to put something in the back, it would have been covered. (However, pickups have so much money on the hoods, at certain times of the year, a pickup may have been cheaper). It's today's family vehicle and cooler than a minivan too. :rolleyes:
It's a vehicle I will never need.
A couple years ago, we were getting such good discounts on trucks, that a lot of our employees with company vehicles were able to get full size trucks, and did so. Fast forward to now, and the truck discounts aren't quite as generous.

I see many tradespeople with trucks full to the hilt with gear. Depends I guess on what your going to be using the box for. I see the Rambox as an awesome feature.
Personally, for me, if I couldn't get a full sheet of plywood in the box, there'd be no point for me to buy one. Because, really, that's the only need I'd require.
You can still get a 4'x8' sheet in a RamBox bed widthwise, but it won't be an 8' bed.

I put a ton of stuff in my minivans. Even had one loaded with rocks to dump at a pit. The most versatile vehicle IMO.
I'll leave the trucks to the people who really need them. :)
Same here. Sidewalk screening was by far the messiest stuff we've hauled. One of our vans did multiple loads of paving stones too.

There are definitely pros and cons to both vehicles that's why it's great that there is the choice!
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