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Rambox is such a polarizing feature - many clients hate the narrowed box. What do you keep in yours?
(takes deep breath)
Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, clip board, bungee cords, tie down straps, small tarp, rain pants, measuring tape, diameter tape, 200' tape, zip ties, 3-4 cans of spray paint, 2 cruising vests, 2 hard hats, cheap plastic rope 50', 3/4 inch rope 75', clevises, axe, come-a-long, jumper cables, pulp hook, ice cleats, hip chain, shovel, cant dog, small tool box, chainsaw chaps, tree calipers, log scale stick, duct tape, electrical tape, road triangle, jack, and a few rolls of flagging in various colors.:)
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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