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Will the next Gen Ram HD trucks have a true 2nd Row Bench Standard?

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Hey guys -

For the 5th time in my 2 year selling career I lost a sale to Ford/GM due to our Crew Cab Ram HD trucks having the "cut-away" middle seat in the second row. Here's his email, and mine:

Hey Rob,
After searching for used and not seeing anything out there, We recently just purchased a new gmc 2500hd. Went with the sle preferred plus package .

You did a good job listening to what we wanted in terms of features. We weren't a fan of how the rear middle seat in the dodge was narrow compared to the adjacent seats. It pretty much ruled out dodge for us.

Thanks for the follow-up,

Best regards,

Hey Bodin,

Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate that. You are not the first, nor the last client to mention the 2nd row middle seat, I'm hoping it is addressed in our next generation truck.

Thank you for the opportunity, contact me any time if I can help.


Anyone know if this is going to be solved moving forward?
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Understood, RamBox is 52", fair point - I will say that the space on either side of the the wheel wells is used space though.
With the kind of cargo I haul most often, I use every available inch of bed space. Including the area in front of and behind the wheel wells and on top of the wheel wells. I thought hard about rambox in my next truck as there's a lot to like but I am just gonna stick with a regular box. I know I'd regret not having those extra nooks to stow cargo in.
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