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Will the next Gen Ram HD trucks have a true 2nd Row Bench Standard?

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Hey guys -

For the 5th time in my 2 year selling career I lost a sale to Ford/GM due to our Crew Cab Ram HD trucks having the "cut-away" middle seat in the second row. Here's his email, and mine:

Hey Rob,
After searching for used and not seeing anything out there, We recently just purchased a new gmc 2500hd. Went with the sle preferred plus package .

You did a good job listening to what we wanted in terms of features. We weren't a fan of how the rear middle seat in the dodge was narrow compared to the adjacent seats. It pretty much ruled out dodge for us.

Thanks for the follow-up,

Best regards,

Hey Bodin,

Thank you for letting me know, I appreciate that. You are not the first, nor the last client to mention the 2nd row middle seat, I'm hoping it is addressed in our next generation truck.

Thank you for the opportunity, contact me any time if I can help.


Anyone know if this is going to be solved moving forward?
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That seat in the Denali looks just like the one in my 2013 except my 2013 doesn't have the fold down armrest, which I think is more uncomfortable to sit with.

RAM makes a truck. The 2500 is a truck. Sure it can be had with some Comfort. But it is set up to be used and then there is the Powerwagon.

I know you make a living in selling these trucks, and it sucks to lose a customer, but I would say they weren't really looking for a truck if that is what stopped them.

I had to have all 6 seats. My truck was always at 5 people. Two adults, a 15 and 10 year old and a 3 year old in a car seat. Even the 6th person never really complained. And that was usually our niece who is 24. We would regularly have 6 people in the truck to go yard sales or exploring camping. Only complaint was the bumps and how do I get up in this thing from older passengers.

Almost forgot the other common rider, our e year old St. Bernard. He even had plenty of room either in the front or the back.
While camping, he occupied the front seat by the door and my wife the center seat. The wife eventually would get uncomfortable, but not to complaints level.

I hate hearing the sale was lost to a chevy, but I really don't see how that could be what stopped them.

Do the chevies have the infloor cooler/storage bins?

I have 3 friends with a Ram and 2 with a journey. I had to show them to them. They had no idea.

My 2 cents, but my favorite is my 99 and it is just a quad cab and dammit I have to shift my own gears after I push in a clutch, and I still have to manually unlock and open the rear side windows and the rear slider. And man, it rides like a truck with that Big V10 to shove it along
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I had to lower myself to look at this page, but I see they are lacking in a lot of things against both Ram and Ford.

11 Ways GM Can Step Up Its Full-Size Pickup Truck Game (at )

Ram is a truck. 1500 more car like, 2500 more truck like, 3500 complete truck.

I forgot about ram box and rear ac/heat although I see it was mentioned

Sorry, bbw, but it is really hard to convince people out of a chevy, even when they start to realize they might be getting something better.
I have converted quite a few at work though, but I don't make my living selling them. Sorry.
I didn't know the mega lost them. One more reason I wouldn't step up to it then.

Yeah, you seem to be a very good salesman and if Canada wasn't such a drive I would give you my business.

Our local ram dealer don't know much about what they sale.

I even asked them if they have found the beer hiding system. No clue. Had to go show them. Huh they said. I told them the plastic ice cube you can get at a dollar tree or such make it so you don't have so much a mess with melting ice

They say it is a feature they use quite often.
Really, in a shortbed. What large item can you put in front of or behind the wheel well.
If you get gravel or sand you got to dig out the sides.

Guess I may not see things the way others percieve.

I use my trucks and believe me my toolbox across the front takes up more room the the ram boxes down the side.

I think people should really give it a try first. Cause I am sure not getting these reasons for why people don't want these things.

Or as my chevy frienemies say, oh well its a Ram. That is all I see here.

Sorry, a rant
If I could get the 6.4 hemi with a six speed row your own stick shift and long bed with ram box...I would own another 4th Gen. Until then my search is for an 03 v10 6 or 5 speed quad cab long bed. Almost found one... the price is still above 10 grand though...and for now my 99 will do just well.

I have found some regular cab long bed 2010 to 2016 but they are like a Cummins with out the motor ...the price stays up on them.
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