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Wires & Plugs - which brand? Part #?

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Hello All,

I have a 2004 Caravan with the 3.3. Time to change the plugs and wires. Last time they were done the mechanic put in aftermarket parts (NGK) I believe. Worked fine as far as I was concerned.

However, my new mechanic was saying that the only thing to put in there is oem. NEVER! Never put in aftermarket.

What are your thoughts? Opinions?

Should I go with Champion? Does anyone know the part numbers?


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NGK may very well be OEM as Chrysler was changing over some engines from Champion at about this time. Your owners manual or underhood emissions sticker should have the recommended spark plug make and type printed on it. These should be 100K mile platinums.
Any premium plug wire should be OK. I usually smear a little silicone die-electric grease into the boot ends to ease boot removal when the time comes and offer some weatherproofing against moisture. A dab of anti-seize on the threads of the plugs also helps prevent thread damage when steel and aluminum sit together for a long time.

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I use Belden wire sets from NAPA, as they were once OEM and are good quality.

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Champion has been the OEM plug for a long time, but Chrysler has been using NKG's on the newer vehicles. Either one is fine.

Newer vehicles don't have "wires" anymore. They've gone to a coil-on-plug set up. That's what my '06 Ram (Hemi) has. Installed the same old Champions the last time I changed out the plugs.

On my Acclaims (long gone) I used Belden wires as Bob as - no problems. I used Autolite plugs with no issues as well.

Where people go wrong is using Bosch +4's, E3's, etc.

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I just changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor on my 96 mini, 3.0. I used Champion Double Platinums (surprisingly those had to be ordered), Belden wires, Bosch rotor, and Standard Parts premium distributor cap. Your 3.3 will just need wires and plugs. I think there is still a $2 per plug rebate from Champion going on so save your receipt and go online to file. You still have to mail in the reciept, but $12 rebate is worth the effort IMHO.

Rock Auto has some really great prices going on now and search for the 5% coupon code online if you use mail order. When I priced out these parts, I saved about 50% over AutoZone, NAPA or Advance and that includes the shipping costs.
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