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Won't start or starts and then dies

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Reference: 1989 Spirit, 2.5, TBI

If you have a 2.5 that won't start or starts and immediatly dies or starts on less than 4 cylinders check the top of fuel injector where the electrical plug is.. After having the problem and resigning the car to parts I just discoverd that the imput end of the injector was plugged with some kind of junk. It looked rather like a deteriorated hose washer that had shredded itself and plugged the inlet end. Hard plastic/rubber sort of stuff. Compared the OEM injector to a Bosch spare from the parts bin and the Bosch had only machined metal visible, nothing else.

My speculation is the ethonal finally (after 20+ years and 230,000 miles) broke down what ever was in the top of the injector or pieces of fuel line had accumulated and were/was acting like a flapper valve. It would allow enough fuel to start the car but could not sustain running where a constant flow of fuel was needed. No codes set, fuel pressure check within tollerance.

The only clue of an injector problem was slightly whitened spark plugs even when getting 28-30 MPG ( and that's in retrospect)

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