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Work is done-ready for certification

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[SIZE=10.5pt]So now work is done, after 4 years since a bought tha car, and have driven a daytona. I have driven about 100 km. Of cause i had the start-up problem with the allways happening vaccum mess. More dramatic was it that i had to change fuel-pump i just had innstalled.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]My "new" A520 with a new clutch runs great, as my aim was low rpm at 60mph.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Boost-controller works fine -i run up to 10-12 psi for short periods( After all-engine is some years old-head is almost new.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]I will need some wheel-adjustment ( i manage that myself,-i "sharp eye" will hold first months.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]I run fan with an external switch, and a new tempreture gauge(always makes me secure about having water flowing right.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Power-steering is morning-sick and tired, but still works.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Im not satisfied with the timing belt moving to the left side(passenger side) on the sprocket. I have tryed to solve this problem with, so far , no sucsess, I have also started a topic on this issue.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]EGR deleted-(dont tell Bob Lincoln..i run only two solonoids, purge and Map/baro[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]You can see some pictures on the link below, but you have to schroll down on page a bit.[/SIZE]
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Nice looking whip, man. I had the same wheels on my 84 Laser XE Turbo. The salesman tried to get me to swap them with him. He had the pizza style on his and I didn't much like them so told him, "Heck no."
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