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World’s Largest Parade of Pickup Trucks • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
[SIZE=medium]With your help RFD-TV will break the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Parade of Pickup Trucks’ on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Saturday August 3rd[/SIZE][SIZE=medium] 2013.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]The current record for the ‘Largest Parade of Pickup Trucks’ is 273. Dresden Agricultural Society set the record August 25, 2012 on the Dresden Raceway in Ontario, Canada. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]All tractors and pickup trucks must pre-register by filling out the form online at [/SIZE][SIZE=medium][/SIZE][SIZE=medium]. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]All registrations must be received by July 25th[/SIZE] in order for their pickup truck to be in the parade, or their classic tractor to be considered and scheduled to be on Talkin Tractors

[SIZE=medium]RFD-TV, RURAL TV, and RURAL RADIO will join forces with SiriusXM Satellite Radio to produce a day of celebration of the American farmer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The day will feature an antique tractor display on the infield of the famous track, music at the finish line, plus food served by national commodity organizations. The grand finale will be an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Parade Of Pickup Trucks”. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Families are encouraged to attend, and in fact, participate in the day’s events and the parade.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Tractors and trucks will check in between 6am-9am on Saturday, August 3rd, and then be placed in position for the tractor display or parade. Gates will then open at 10am for the public. [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]The parade around the track will take place at noon, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony by executives of SiriusXM and Rural Media Group commemorating the launch of RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM channel 80. Music, food, and review of the antique tractors will continue until the grounds close at 6pm.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]If you have any questions please contact:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Molly Scribner[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]402 - 614 - 9886[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium][email protected][/SIZE]
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