Originally posted 4:26 pm, Nov. 3. The Walter P. Chrysler Museum showcased some of Chrysler Corporation’s triumphs, along with those of associated companies (e.g. Hudson and Nash). It displayed concept cars, racing cars, firsts (e.g. the first minivan), and other notable cars and trucks.

Many of the people working at the museum were volunteers — and quite a few of them were former Chrysler employees, happy to show visitors around.

When Chrysler was foundering, the museum was temporarily closed to the public, but it was left intact, then opened for special events, such as the annual Chrysler Employees Motorsports Association car show . This year, it had more regular openings, as administrators tried to keep costs low while still engaging the public.

Today, Allpar has been told that the Museum will be permanently closed, making FCA US/the former Chrysler the only member of the “Detroit Three” without a public museum. While GM’s is usually closed to the public, it can be reserved for special events.

The last open day will be December 18, 2016; after that, the  building is converted to office space.

FCA has confirmed this report:
After opening to the public on a limited basis through 2016, FCA US confirms that it will convert the Walter P. Chrysler Museum into much needed office space with Dec. 18, 2016, being its last public day. The Company will continue to preserve its historical vehicles and will showcase them at internal and external events including being on display around the Chrysler Technology Center and other FCA US facilities.
See: our 2008 interview with the museum manager ; a museum tour guided by the former head of engine tuning ; and the “first” last day of the museum .