FCA has removed the large “WALTER P. CHRYSLER MUSEUM” lettering from the building that once housed the company’s first-ever public museum.

Automotive News Larry Vellequette reported some time ago that Maserati North America’s sales headquarters is moving into the former Walter P. Chrysler museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan , where they will work alongside Alfa Romeo.


The move is supposed to cut travel costs: Maserati's current headquarters is in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Both Maserati and Alfa Romeo are headed by Reid Bigland, whose primary office is in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

FCA issued a statement months ago, noting that they would be storing all the cars and exhibits. While the museum had many volunteers, most of them former Chrysler employees, it did not have many visitors; some blamed the location, far from Detroit tourist destinations.

The museum had been officially closed earlier, and was reopened under FCA. The company may eventually move the contents to a new facility closer to Detroit proper, or even to Dearborn. There is certainly an open site on Plymouth Road that’s large enough.

FCA’s statement read:
After opening to the public on a limited basis through 2016, FCA US confirms that it will convert the Walter P. Chrysler Museum into much needed office space with Dec. 18, 2016, being its last public day. The Company will continue to preserve its historical vehicles and will showcase them at internal and external events including being on display around the Chrysler Technology Center and other FCA US facilities.
See: our 2008 interview with the museum manager ; a museum tour guided by the former head of engine tuning ; and the “first” last day of the museum .