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I have 2007 Jeep wrangler powered by a MV 2.8 litre Turbo diesel with an Automatic transmission.
I have recently installed a set of Step sliders by Rock slider engineering.
I would like to have the Automatic Transmission PARK circuit control the electrical Activation to the sliders. i.e. when in PARK they will operate, when NOT in PARK the electrics are disabled to the sliders. Where is the best place in the circuit to effect this modification? I am told that a simple switch is not employed on these vehicles any longer and that a transmission range sensor is instead used.
This said, since the Vehicle has a number of functions enabled and disabled when in the Park position, I figure that my intended function should be able to piggy back from one of these, if they could be identified.
Does anyone have any suggestions how, or where this could be done?
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