Production of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler is drawing ever closer, and as it does, more and more prototypes are being spotted and photographed. They are rather hard to miss.

The Wrangler is shaping up to be almost exactly as Allpar sources have been saying — similar to the current models in appearance and basic design, with upgraded axles, attempts to reduce weight and aerodynamic drag, new powertrain options, eight speed automatics (and continuing stick-shifts), and new electronics.

The Wrangler’s superior off-road capability will remain unchanged, or be improved, according to our sources.

Expected changes to safety rules have brought a strengthening of the former “sport bar” and window frame, so they will have structural reinforcement and rollover protection duties as well. While the Wrangler’s basic look will remain similar, higher structural rigidity from making these components stronger may help reduce flexing, and perhaps make roofs easier to install.

2019 Wrangler in camouflage