JLwranglerforums.com (which appears to be an outgrowth of Toyota site SupraMKV.com*) claims to have spotted Jeep Wrangler JL prototypes on the Rubicon Trail — which would not be surprising.

While FCA has a replica of the Rubicon Trail, painstakingly created in the late 1980s, conveniently placed in Chelsea, Michigan, it still tests new Jeeps on the “real deal.”

Since the Wrangler is the source of brand power for all other Jeeps, and is by far the most capable, its off-road testing is usually far more exhaustive than the others.

Though JLWranglerForums does not list an owner, the primary domain on its server is SupraMKV.com; similarly set up forums on the server cover the Nissan 350Z, Bronco, Civic, Faraday Future, RX9, Ranger, and Jeep Scrambler.