Recent Chrysler disclosures showed that the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL will come in lighter than the Wrangler JK, by around fifty to a hundred pounds. The result is in the range expected three years ago by ex-AMC engineer Bob Sheaves, who thought it would gain some weight due to tougher safety standards, while dropping some current weight with lighter materials and the structural redesign.

2018 Wrangler JL

Originally, the next-generation Wrangler was, according to Sergio Marchionne, to save weight by using an aluminum body with a steel frame. The company’s factory choices seemed to correspond with a decision to use aluminum, which requires very different conditions from steel. However, at some point FCA must have decided that the benefits did not merit the costs, or that they were not yet ready for the change; and Marchionne said it would be steel, after all.

Real Fast Fotography wrote that this video shows a Wrangler V6, with engine stop/start; as the company races to Job One (initial production), more spy shots and spy movies have been surfacing.