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[SIZE=medium]Hello Everyone![/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Do you have any questions related to the Jeep®[/SIZE] Active Drive I, Jeep Active Drive II and Jeep Active Drive Lock on the upcoming 2014 Jeep Cherokee? If so I would like to invite you to join us at 6 p.m. ET for the first episode in a new series called “Behind the Wheel.”

[SIZE=medium]Our first guest for “Behind the Wheel” is the Assistant Chief Engineer of Driveline Rich Silbert. Rich is one of the engineers who helped design the new 4x4 system and can answer your technical questions about the new system. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Rich will be answering your questions about Cherokee 4X4 from our Livestream Channel and on Twitter using the hashtag #ChryslerLive. You can also embed our Livestream Channel on your own personal pages for live coverage of important Chrysler Group events.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Feel free to start posting your questions on Twitter before the show using #ChryslerLive. I hope to see you there![/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Tyler Lipa[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Chrysler Digital Media[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Chrysler Group LLC[/SIZE]

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i think it was really fantastic we just need more people putting more questions in!

I got a good reply to my question.

Thanks for doing this looking forward to the next, where hopefully i'll have more questions to throw at you. Rather than coming up with them after its ended. :frusty:

I might do a transcript if any one is interested?
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