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Ram 1500 (2013-17)ram 1500
2019 Ram 1500ram
Heavy Duty: 2500, 3500 (2014-18)2015 ram 3500
2013-17 Chassis Cabs ram 5500
Supercharged Ram Rebel TRXtrx
Power Wagonpower wagon
2017’s Ignition Orange and
Rebel Mojave Sand pickups
2017 Rams: 1,500 each?
Ram 2500 4x4 Off-Road Packageoffroad package
Ram 1500 Rebelrebel
Ram 4000: Mexico-only!ram 4000 bus
Ram 700: Rebadged Fiatram 700

Dodge and Ram pickups by year

(Dodge) Ram 1500 and D-series pickups

L’il Red Express Truck express
Viper powered: 2004-06 Dodge Ram SRT–10 ram srt
1994-2001 Dodge Ram1994 dodge ram
2002-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 
2009-12 Ram 1500 pickups2008
1961-1979 Dodge D-series trucks 
1980-93 D-Series trucksd-250
Dodge D-50 / Ram 50 /
Plymouth Arrow
Dodge Warlock, Dodge Dude 

Ram Heavy Duty, Power Wagon, and Ramcharger

Dodge Ramcharger SUV, 1974-1993
Will there be a new Ramcharger?ramcharger
Original Power Wagonpower wagon
2005-10 Power Wagonram heavy duty
2003-09 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 
2010-12 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 
2013 Ram 2500 and 3500 

Dodge Dakota

The “Always Future” Dodge Dakota2018 dakota
1987-1996 Dodge Dakotaoriginal Dodge Dakota
Shelby Dakota (1989)shelby dakota
1997-2004 Dodge Dakota1997 Dakota
2005-07 Dodge Dakota pickups2006 dakota
2008-11: the final Dodge Dakota final dakota

Other trucks

Jeep Comanche: revolutionary unibody comanche
Sweptside! hand-made 1957-59 Dodges sweptside
C-series pickups: upgraded for the 1950s c series pickups
The first Cummins-
powered Dodge (1989)
Cummins diesel
2010-12 Ram Heavy Duty (2500/3500)ran 2500
2013 Ram Heavy Duty (2500/3500)ram 3500
Ram Interstateram interstate

Dodge Rampage / Plymouth Scamp: compact-car-based pickups

2013 ram 5500Ram Chassis Cabs: 2013-16 • 2011-12 • 2006-2010 3500 • 2006-2010 4500 and 5500

... and by category ...

Commercial and passenger vansvans
Campers and motor homes (1960s-1970s)motor home
1969 Dodge heavy duty commercial trucks1969 trucks
Inside NASCAR truck racingnascar truck
Raminator monster truckraminator

Trucks from Dodge in the United Kingdom and Europe

dodge 100 trucks

Dodge 50: hybrid of UK truck chassis and US van bodydodge 50
Dodge/Fargo/DeSoto 500: Inside the popular trucksdodge 500
Farmobile: German-Greek truck Farmobile: German-Greek truck

Dodge truck and Ram people

How did they come up with the Ram logo? ram

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