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1975 Dodge Ramcharger trucks

Dodge was still making commercial trucks in 1975.

Dodge LCF truck

Ramcharger – new features for 1975

In 1975, Dodge added a two wheel drive version of the Ramcharger for the first time (AD100), using rear wheel drive and an independent coil spring front suspension. Also new for 1975 was an instrument panel from the revised Dodge pickups; it allowed buyers to specify options including a clock, tachometer, or vacuum and voltmeter gauges. The new cluster included a special, glare-reducing hood. Map pockets were added to the premium door trim. A new Sno-Fiter snowplow option was also available on four wheel drive models; and new AM and AM/FM radios were available.

Power Wagon ambulance

As in the past, the standard Ramcharger came with just a front seat, with an optional rear bench seat. The base model was rather bare-bones, with the SE adding numerous frills.

1975 was Dodge's second-best truck year so far; nearly 370,000 trucks were made, worldwide, including all models (not just Ramchargers).

The 225 slant six was the base engine except with the 6,100 pound GVW package; the 360 V-8 and 440 V-8 engines were available only with that package. The 318 V8 was optional.

New Ramcharger packages

For 1975, Dodge simplified ordering Ramcharger models for specific G.V.W. ratings by combining all required equipment into coded packages, avoiding the need to order springs, tires, etc. separately; though heavier duty versions of individual items could still be ordered separately. Equipment for snow removal was new for 1975 and grouped conveniently in the Sno-Fiter Package Code YC6 for 4-wheel-drive models. (6100 GVW was required.)

Full-time 4-wheel drive used a special differential in the transfer case which compensated for variations in speed between the front and rear axles, while constantly providing driving power to both axles. The vehicle was in 4-wheel drive at all times. The shift lever for the transfer case on 4-wheel-drive Ramcharger models gave a special low gear mode, and allowed front and rear axle lockup in both high and low ranges for off-road driving; both axles got equal power for maximum traction.


The wheelbase on AW100 and AD100 was 106 inches, with a length of 184.6 inches and width of 79.5 inches. Height was just over 72 inches for 4x4, just under 70 for RWD. Ground clearance was 7.27” at the front axle, 7.0” at the rear. Turning diameter was around 37 feet.

1975 dodge truck engines


Features and such

Standard Ramcharger features included:

Options included:

Ramcharger S.E. Package

The grille was made of heavy extruded aluminum, with bright chrome on the bumper. A Protection Package with door edge protectors, and bright rubber-faced front bumper guards was available. The liftgate had two pneumatic cylinders for automatic lift. Electronic ignition, standard, had no points or condenser to replace.

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