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Renderings of the Dodge ProMaster: what we expected but did not get

Starting in 2009, Ram engineers started worked on adapting Fiat vans to American needs. Immediately, our artists began working on their projections, based on the statement that its looks and chassis would both be adopted to Ram’s needs. What did we expect, and why?

Ram ProMaster rendering

In perhaps the most optimistic rendering, JackRatchett applied the full Ram chrome grille and two-tone sides, with headlights moved to their conventional locations. The overall shape remains similar.

We asked him to move the headlights back up, and this is roughly the result. The reason for moving the headlights up is that although it makes the front look, well, buggy, it also makes it much less expensive to change the van: there’s no empty space in most modern vehicles, so moving headlights is not exactly a snap.

ducato altered

Bill Cawthon made the most accurate rendering, because he assumed very few changes, but even he was too optimistic.

Ram ProMaster

And what we actually got:

Ram ProMaster

The headlights are up high so they will not be vulnerable to minor collisions, and the front fascia is in three parts to make it easier and cheaper to remove or replace.

The ProMaster was made different under the skin, just not in the skin. It was retuned for rougher roads and higher payloads, with more corrosion protection; and a Chrysler engine, transmission, and audio/nav/phone system were added to the roster. But as for looks... it’s a Fiat with a Ram grille. We expected that in the rear, where all these vans are similar (function outweighs form), but in the front... not so much.

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