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Sherry luxury vans based on the Ram ProMaster


ProMaster testProMaster Main
Mobility Works’ passenger vans

The ProMaster van is closely based on the Fiat Ducato, which has been very popular in Europe for various conversions, including campers. The American version has many changes to the interior, a higher payload, a suspension adapted to rougher roads, and more rust protection.

luxury van

In the 1970s and 1980s, Paul Sherry had a Chevrolet store that sold conversion vans. Today, Paul’s grandsons, Jim and Mike, run a Chrysler dealership, and have returned to conversion vans.

Paul Sherry Conversion Vans in Piqua, Ohio, turned to an established upfitter to convert the boxy vans into luxury spaces. Sherry’s Brian Haase wrote that they branched out from Chevy vans to the Ram Promaster because, “They’re great to drive. Awesome visibility, the steering is nice and tight, the turning radius is great, and the engine and transmission are a great package for the van.” He pointed to the factory high-top roof, high fuel economy, easy entry and exit, and tight turning circle. With the conversion, Mr. Haase also boasted of better visibility and a larger television than competing vans.

conversion van

As for choosing the ProMaster, one factor may have been owning a Chrysler dealership, but in Mr. Haase’s words:

switchesThe biggest aspect about the Promaster compared to the rest of the van segment is the quality. We were told by our upfitter (who has been in the business for decades and has worked on many makes), that the ProMaster is one of the best vans he has had to start with. There are channels in the van that make it convenient to run wires and other electrical components, and the body was simple and easy to disassemble and reassemble for paint. ... Having this brand new platform allowed our team and the upfitter to get creative and find new and better ways construct and finish the van.

It’s interesting to see customers’ reactions to our Sherry Van after looking at some of our used Explorer, Majestic, and Rocky Ridge vans. They immediately point to the build quality, fit and finish, and how spacious the rear cabin is.


Windows were a challenge, since even the “window” ProMasters don’t have rear windows and the upfitter had to custom-make them.


The nine-passenger van is currently priced at $64,995, with an option of a rear sofa or twin captain’s chairs. The Sprinter-based equivalent would be the Airstream Autobahn, which lists for around $130,000. The company builds on the 136 and 159 inch wheelbase vans, either low or high roof, using the 1500 and 2500 models; the longer-wheelbase vans are only available with a high roof. Both seven and nine passenger vans are available, with aftermarket touch-screen navigation and backup cameras.



On September 10, 2014, the cheapest new seven-passenger van was a high-top at $56,995. That van included front and rear climate control, Dynamat sound deadening, LED lighting, pleated window shades, leather seating, flame-red paint with a stripe and ground effects, full-length running boards, deep-tinted windows, self-levelling front armrests for the front seats, a Jensen 6.2” touch-screen navigation receiver with Pioneer speakers, Pandora, and USB input, power-recline middle captains’ chairs with swivel bases, slide tracks, and consoles, and a power reclining rear sofa with two armrests/consoles. Passengers could use a 32-inch Vizio HDTV with a Blu-ray DVD player, wireless headphones, 120V power supply and HDMI input for games, and LED reading lights. The van included custom wheels.



Eight standard colors are available, and custom painting is optional; diesels are expected soon.

Sherry currently only sells luxury passenger vans, but Mr. Haase wrote that they hoped to add variations (basic passenger vans, campers, etc.). They can work with customers “to a point” on custom floor plans, seating, extra amenities, and such.

rear view

Helping Sherry’s upfitters is Ram’s interface block, a secure gatewayto electrical systems with 15 outputs for 40 operations. In addition, a speed reminder chimes when a set speed is surpassed; it can be set to 55, 60, 65, or 70 mph. Both the gasoline and diesel engines have a 180 amp alternator with an optional 220-amp model; the gasoline engine uses Chrysler’s conventional 62TE automatic, while the commercial diesel engine uses Fiat’s automated-manual M-40.

Chrysler 62TE3.902.692.161.370.950.653.04Conventional automatic280 hp V6, 258 lb-ft
Fiat M-404.172.351.460.960.700.554.08Auto-shifting manual174 hp I4 diesel, 295 lb-ft

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Converting the ProMaster into a Sherry Luxury Van

The conversion process clearly shows the addition of a great deal of insulation, to the roof, the rear doors, and the walls.

converting the van

custom van

roof insulation

adding insulation

customizing process


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