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Cruise Control Problem

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Hello! I have an 89 Caravan with a 2.5 four cylinder engine. This van came without cruise control.

I have the Chrysler shop manual for this van. I know what I need to do to install cruise on this vehicle. So here is the problem I found an 89 in a boneyard and removed the steering column and the wiring harness (tho I discovered I did not need it, or so I thought). I got home and looked at my harness on the van and I noticed the plug to the servo was different than the plug on the harness. It looked more like the servo on an 88 and earlier. I know for a fact I removed this stuff from an 89!!

Since I have the shop manual, I looked for a diagram but all I see is a reproduction of the same diagram for an 88 and earlier models. No help!

Can anyone tell me if the cruise on an 1988 Caravan (Plymouth Voyager) comes with a small vacuum
reservoir attached to it?

Thanks very much for your help!

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OK, thanks for the info. Too bad the issue is so clouded.

I guess I can't go wrong using the setup from an 89 w/ cruise. There's a tiny vacuum reservoir attached, and the four-pin plug matches the plug in the wiring harness.

Thanks to all for your help!
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