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burnout said:
If one believes the five-year plan(s) that have been released, then either brand is not going away...that said (and as I've said before), disinformation is definitely a part of the corporate world...keep the competitors guessing as to the real plans...
In 1962 Chevrolet started a rumor that it was downsizing its vehicles, Chrysler responded by a quick attempt at downsizing that compromised vehicle appeal and sales, disinformation. But the smaller vehicles turned out to be quicker and handled better, This inspired a song by the Beach boys called Shutdown 413 Dodge Dart giving a fuel inject Corvette a hard time. For me it signaled the birth of the affordable Muscle car era. I remember seeing a Red 1963 Dodge with 426 Ramcharger engine rumbeling around town that all the hot roders pretended not to see at the drive in burger joints.Lots of fun back then and you didn't have to spend Corvette money. My point, disinformation is a double edged sword.

“When a Dodge loses these days,” boasted one MoPar ad, “it’s to another Dodge.”
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