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Rear end replacement on 1984 dodge d150

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Currently own 1984 dodge d150 and would like to know what the exact steps are for me to take in replacing the rear end. Due to continuous jumping and slamming when changing from "in park" to "reverse" or "in park" to "drive", there is a hard jolt/slam shortly after. Consulted a few friends and co-workers and they all seem to think that the rear end is on the Frits. Due to my current financial circumstances, I'm not going to drive it until it just breaks, which everyone suggests. Unless I want to pull apart the differential and I'm positive that won't go back together if that was the alternative due to the massive rust and lets just say it may fall apart if I touch it. Drivetrain is moving fine, so "U Joints" are not the issue. Really hoping I can get some feedback as to the issues I'm having. Please and thanks
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What motor, and what transmission? What gear set in the rear end, and do you care if that changes? Do you use the truck off-road, for towing, or do you care to
improve gas mileage or pulling ability? Do you have access to a good place to work on it?

I assume what you want to replace is the whole rear end from the post above -- see if you can find one in a boneyard or online to get an idea of the cost of parts.
The job is not difficult but it does take time. Depending on what tools you have and your working conditions figure at least a full day. Depending on what you find
what you get in there (bad brake lines, worn spring perches, etc.,) you may need to expand the project. If you've never worked on one, getting the parts via the
pick-and-pull route can be educational.

If all you want to replace is the differential, the job may be easier -- but this could still be a torque convertor issue, from the symptoms described.
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